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Examples of Projects
Project 1  
             Client: Department of Trade & Industry
  Project: Review of the property assets and practices of the United Kingdom Energy Authority (UKEA)
  Summary: The work involved a review of the sites and premises owned by the UKEA, particularly its main site at Harwell which has the potential to be developed as an international science and technology park. Recommendations were made for a property development and management strategy which drew on knowledge-based industries and nearby centres of learning.
  Outcome: The recommendations were incorporated into future plans.
Project 2  
  Client: Shell UK & Swale Borough Council
  Project: A strategy to achieve the development of the Shell Research Park at Sittingbourne.
  Summary: The exercise centred on a strategy for the development of the 116 acre Research Park and its research facilities which were located close to the M2 motorway. The work drew on a review of market demand and the experience of science and technology parks in the UK and overseas. It resulted in a Master Plan and a Marketing Strategy which were based on the clustering of laboratories and knowledge-based users within a parkland setting. Various technical and support buildings were also recommended.
  Outcome: On the basis of the strategy, the site was quickly sold to, and developed by, a major property company. It now comprises 550,000 sq.ft. of space and ownership and management has passed to a large UK Pension Fund.
Project 3  
  Client: Yorkshire Forward
  Project: The appraisal of a strategic employment site alongside the M62 motorway.
  Summary: The work involved the appraisal of a major employment site totalling 250 acres and located alongside Junction 36 of the M62 motorway. The exercise comprised a detailed review of the property market for industrial and workspace in the sub-region and, working with a national firm of engineers, the preparation of various appraisals and cash flows to show the outcome of different development options.
  Outcome: The recommendations were accepted by Yorkshire Forward and the site is now being developed and marketed.
Project 4  
  Client: OneNE and Stockton Borough Council
  Project: A redevelopment strategy for Billingham Town Centre.
  Summary: The strategy was based on a market review of retail and leisure space in the area, estimated costs for the relocation of an existing theatre and sports centre and extensive consultations with local residents. It recommended the sale of the Local Authority's property holdings and the rebuilding of a new leisure centre either in the town centre or nearby. It also identified specific pockets of public and private funds to finance the strategy.
  Outcome: The recommendations were accepted by the clients and await implementation.
Project 5  
  Client: Science City York (a partnership between York University and The City of York).
  Project: An assessment of the scale of property required for science and technology based growth in the City of York.
  Summary: The work drew on interviews with knowledge based firms in the area, companies seeking space and discussions with property developers and agents. Having established the broad area of demand and the types of property required, it then examined, on a quantitative and qualitative basis, sites which could be made available. Recommendations included a list of possible sites for development and an estimate of likely land take in future years.
  Outcome: The report and subsequent work will form part of the City's submission in the forthcoming review of its Local Plan.
Project 6  
  Client: Yorkshire Forward
  Project: A property strategy and its organisational implications for Yorkshire Forward.
  Summary: The study examined the economic strengths and the viability of the property market in the various sub regions of Yorkshire and the Humber. It then recommended a strategy based on the development of a limited number of significant schemes which drew on the strengths of individual locations and were likely to create an impact. It also recommended a restructuring of personnel and the recruitment of specialist staff.
  Outcome: The recommendations were accepted by Yorkshire Forward and have been incorporated into its activities.
Project 7  
  Client: European Union
  Project: Advice on the development of industrial parks and property initiatives in Hungary.
  Summary: The work was a key part of a programme of advice and training to prepare two Hungarian counties for accession to the European Union. The exercise drew on the main features of successful industrial parks in the UK, Europe and the United States and set out criteria to be followed. Advice included target marketing, site development, estate management and maintenance.
  Outcome: The recommendations have been incorporated into the Industrial Development Strategies for both counties.
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